Saturday, February 26, 2011

Is there such a thing as to freaky?

Freaky has a different definition for all of us. We all have different thresholds. What is freaky, kinky or just to much to you? I dont recall ever having someone tell me something that made me say..."No, no I am NOT doing that". Is having an orgy kinky? I think there is something so fucking hot about being in a room full of people, naked, touching each other, sticking things in whatever hole they can find to stick something in. Something really hot about having someone sliding their hard cock in and out of my wet pussy while I watch a girl with a hard rod sliding in and out of her mouth right next to me.
What about being whipped or whipping someone else? Is that kinky or past your threshold? I remember one of my hottest experiences was waking up in a friends bed and being tied to all four posters, spread eagle, with a whip being dragged across my tits. My nipples were so hard they ached. Then having that whip hitting me there, making the skin so very sensitive. Feeling the tassles slap against my inner thighs, making little red marks. Feeling that sting made my pink little pussy so wet. Then having that handle shoved into my wetness, over and over. I could feel the build in my girl, could feel myself on the edge of cumming so hard. He must have known it because then as he was shoving that handle into me, I felt his big hard cock slam past my tight ass and into me. I had his cock in my tight ass and the handle of that whip in my gushing wet pussy. I had the most amazing orgasm! It seem to last forever.
If you want to tell me what you think kinky or freaky is call me. Lets see who thinks they can push me to my threshold. I am betting you cant. What do you think?

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