Monday, February 7, 2011

Feeling Sexy

What makes you feel sexy? For me sometimes it is a cute skirt or a pair of shoes. Sometimes its knowing that I am wearing matching panties and bra. Sometimes its not wearing a bra or panties at all. Sexy is something that comes from the inside as well as the outside. Well today what make me feel sexy was quite interesting. I was at home doing laundry and taking care of things at home. But realized I needed to run to the store for laundry soap. It was cold and snowing and I didnt feel like gettting all dressed up just to get laundry soap. So i threw on a pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt. I had no bra or panties underneath them. As I ran from my car into the store, it was really cold. I didnt realize that my hard nipples were showing through my shirt. As I walked through the story there was a bag boy following me through the store. He kept saying things to me "Hows your day"? "Is there anything I can help you find"? All the sudden he wasnt there anymore. As I walked to the cashier, there he was bagging groceries. When I was done paying for the few things I got, he had my 1 bag and said "I will carry your things out for you". So I asked him how old he was..."17" he said. He started telling me that he thought it was so sexy that my hard nipples were showing and said all he could think about was touching them and putting his mouth on them. The funny thing was in that moment, I felt really sexy, hair thrown up on my head, no makeup and in sweatpants. Feeling my hard nipples brushing against the inside of my shirt, then realizing he could see them. The fact that he was so bold as to tell me that he wanted to touch me and that I was giving him a hard on. It all made me feel sexy...and a little wet. So...I asked him how long he was working.

Anyway the rest of the story made my day. Call me so I can finish the story for you! Trust me it will make your day too!

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