Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis the Season!

As a sexual person I am always looking for excuses to get off, my favorite thing in the world! I love this season because it gives me that excuse, hehe. The colder weather makes me wake up in my warm bed wanting to stay there. What better way to spend time in bed then getting myself off. I have a wide array of toys to help me with that. One of my favorites is a purple vibrator that looks just like a real hard cock! It has a suction piece on the bottom of it so that I can ride my big hard cock anyway I want. I sometimes stick it to a chair, sometimes to the wall, ohhh how I love fucking my pussy with my vibrating cock! I sometimes I like to take it slow, build up the pressure in my dripping wet pussy, and then slam down on it harder and harder till I feel pussy throbbing around that big hard cock. Sometimes I even suck my pussy juice off of it because I taste so fucking good! Anybody want to be my real dick so I can suck my sweet pussy juice off your hard cock. I bet I would taste even better on you!

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