Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stress Releivers

Whew man...Christmas is over and now the fun begins! New Years Eve and day is going to be awesome. Then the new year begins with a bang. So, what are you going to do New Years Eve? A party? A crazy night of debauchery? I pick the crazy night of debauchery! I am going to a party with a group of people who are of like mind. Have you ever had crazy sex in a room full of other people, who are also having crazy sex? What a great time. I am going to get to watch people touching each other, kissing each other, shoving things into each other in peoples places. Hmmm, I cant wait to touch other people and be touched. Kiss another woman, until we are both dripping wet. then tasting her wetness on the tip of my tongue. Feeling her hard nipples rise against my teeth. If you want to know the outcome, call me on New Years day and I will give you all the dirty details!

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