Thursday, December 2, 2010

Morning Wetness

I woke up this morning with a hot wet pussy. Do you ever just wake up wanting somewhere to put your hard cock? I woke up really wanting to feel your hard cock in me. I have places for you to put your morning hard on! When I wake up like that or lay in bed at night trying to go to sleep but cant because I am thinking about fucking... I want that hard dick anywhere I can get it. When I am so fucking excited and ready to go at it, I am just looking for someone to tear me up. I want you to slam that cock into my ass, ride me hard, dont let me say no to you! Give it to me the way you want to, get your aggressions from the week out on me and my ass! Feel my ass squeezing around that massive cock! Then when you cant take it anymore, I want to feel your big load of cum squirting deep into me. Hmmmm that felt good! When can we do it again? :-)

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