Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Fun!

So there I was cooking Thanksgiving dinner and my stove quit working. I only had three hours before my house would be full of people. I was really irritated about the oven quitting on me at this exact moment, then I remembered that I had seen this really good looking man in the neighborhood, who had recently moved in. He drove a truck that advertised appliance repair on the side. I then got excited about the opportunity to possibly meet him. I looked out the window and got the number off the side of his truck. I called and asked if he had a moment to come over and take a look at the oven. I wasnt really dressed for visiters. I was wearing a tan tank top, with no bra, and a pair of white little panties, I did have a light robe draped over me. I really wanted this mans attention. So when he knocked on the door, I pulled the door open and let the robe fall open. I invited him in and thanked him for coming by to help me out at such an inconvienant time. He looked at the open robe and looked back up at me and said it was no problem. So I showed him the oven and after taking a look he said it would only take a second to fix it. He just needed to grab a couple of tools and a part from his truck. God, he was so hot and smelled really good too. While he ran out to his truck, I had to take a moment to shove my hand down into my panties, he was making my sweet little pussy so wet! I stood in my kitchen and rubbed my throbbing clit until I heard him step back into the house. He walked into the kitchen and stared at me for a moment. "Are you ok?" he asked "You look a little flushed." I told him that I was fine just a little frustrated with the oven situation. He told me not to worry he would have me fixed up in no time. I thought, God I wish! I stood over him as he worked on the oven. At one point I leaned over him and pointed to something on the oven to ask what the part was. I was really hoping that he didnt notice my hard nipples rubbing against his back. It only took fifteen minutes for him to get the oven working for me. After I told him how much I appreciated his help, I walked him to the door, and told him that I would repay him by cooking him an amazing dinner one night soon. He agreed and told me goodbye. As I watched him walk back to his house, I couldnt help touching my full clit while I shoved my fingers deep into my dripping wet pussy. It only took me about two minutes to bring myself to the edge and over, with my juices dripping down my hand. Hmmm, not I could wash up and finish my dinner, it wouldnt be long before the house was full of people.

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