Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crazy Day!

Wow was today crazy. I have some things in a storage unit, things that are special to me. I had to go grab a few things out of it today. I pulled into the storage area, it is kind of like a parking garage.  Nobody was there at first. Then a man pulled in and open his unit. All I knew was that he had a big truck, nice arms and was really hot. The working man type. I stood inside my storage unit watching him. When he looked up and saw me he walked over to me, looked me up and down, then shoved me up against the wall. He never said anything, just looked at me, waiting for me to stop him or say something. I didn't say a word. Just looked back at him. He yanked up my shirt, I had no bra on, and he moaned as he leaned down to take my nipple between his teeth. He bit down, gently at first, then began licking me while I was between his teeth. Man, my pussy instantly got wet. He shoved his hand down my shorts and slammed a finger into me. I screamed, but not from fear or pain, but from the excitement and rush of it. He stopped, I don't know if he new how close he had me to cumming on my shorts, but he stopped either way. He unzipped his pants and shoved me to my knees pushing his hard dick past my lips and into my throat. I love it when a man takes control and goes after what he wants. I mean he did wait to see if I was going to stop him, lol, and as I said, oh I didn't stop him. I loved the way he fucked my mouth, slow and rhythmic, and as his need built he got faster, and went deeper and deeper into my throat. I could feel his hard cock throbbing in my mouth. I knew I was about to get to taste his hot cum on my tongue. He did not disappoint me! Just a few seconds later I felt his hot wad explode into my throat, my mouth, my tongue. Damn he felt good. After I licked up every last bit of him, he pulled me to my feet and told me "thank you, that was one of the best experiences of my life." "Me too" I said. Then he walked to his truck, got in, tipped his hat and drove away. Wow what a crazy amazing day!

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