Friday, October 29, 2010

Tell Your Story

I like telling and hearing stories. Write me and tell me you favorite sexual experience. Here is mine!
I was jogging one morning at about 5am. I was alone outside, I love that time of morning, its quiet and my mind can wonder wherever it chooses to. So I am jogging and thinking about my life and I see a man and his wife or girlfriend stopped off to the right of the trail. I slowed to a stop, and watched them. I first thought they were fighting. But as I slowly approached I see that they are roughly kissing and he is groping her big tits, biting them. She suddenly grips his running shorts and yanks them down, drops to her knees and starts sucking his big hard cock, right there, on the trail. He leans back against a tree and moans loudly. I step back behind a tree, and watch them. She is pulling his dick deep into her mouth and it made me so fucking wet, watching her suck his cock all the way into her throat. I cant help myself, I stick my hand into my shorts, I have to start touching myself. My pussy is so slick that I almost came right there. But I slowed down my touch, I wanted to cum with them. He pulls her up, yanks her shorts down, bends her over and slams his dick into her. They are going at it, she is rubbing her clit as he is fucking her from behind. I am so close to cumming, I am about to explode. Then I realize that I have not been being as quite as I thought I was. So they turn and watch me rubbing my wet clit while I watch him slamming his fucking cock into her pussy. None of us could hold off any longer. All three of us came. I was not sure about them but I was sure that was one of the hottest things I had ever witnessed. I pulled my hand out of my shorts, licked my fingers, and began walking. I walked right past them and said, "Have a great day, and thank you"! In unison they said, "You too"! I walked to my car, drove home, and enjoyed a nice long shower.

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